Chilling At Home…

So I was chilling at home last weekend and I was bored to tears! Most of my friends had something to do and I couldn’t tag along! I was supposed to come home to my folks but that was cancelled too.

That left me all alone for the whole weekend – with nothing to do. Well, that did not bode well for me.

What I do while chilling at home…

Do not get me wrong. I like doing nothing. With the hectic schedule that I have, it can be a welcome relief. But it is not something that I want for a long time. I am the type of person who likes to always be on the move. That is why I love badminton so much. But since I do not have a schedule, I couldn’t rely on that to entertain me this weekend.

Since I was not in the mood to go out anyway, I just got my laptop out and decided to play a couple of online games – slot games to be specific.

When I am bored, I usually look for online slot games that can help entertain me for hours while chilling at home. Fortunately, I have a lot of options before me.

Playing online games at home

While I like to look for new ones, there are three online slot games that I usually go to when I want to play.

Gonzo’s Quest

I love this game because it is like an adventure game. It has 20 paylines – giving me a lot of opportunities to win. Instead of the usual spinning reels, this one has tumbling reels – which looks really awesome and entertaining. The slot game has 5 reels to it where you will try to get the right combinations to win the jackpot. It has the usual free spins and bonuses too. The graphics are also very attractive – with the 3D feature and colourful characters. The jackpot is also quite high – you can win up to 1850x of your bet!

Mega Moolah

If I want to win some money while chilling at home, this is the game that I choose to play. I like the progressive jackpot that increases the chances of winning a lot of money. Unlike the other games, there are 5 different ways to win the jackpot. If that is not good enough, you also have 4 different jackpots that you can win. The 25 paylines make it really easy to get a winning combination.

Drive: Multiplayer Mayhem


I love fast cars – so it is not really surprising that I like this game. I like the graphics and the symbols. It gives me a sense of adrenaline – even if I am just laying low at home. The video game is actually based on the Need for Speed movies – something that I am also a fan of. Playing this game is exciting because it features free spins and multipliers. It increases the chance of me winning something.

I like playing online slot games while chilling at home because it gives me the chance to get some extra money. I don’t do it all the time but when I do, I find myself really enjoying them for hours.