Always Trying Something New…

So let me just talk to you about my plans of trying something new. Lately, everything just seems like a routine and I really want to change something about it. My life is an endless cycle of studying, working, and playing badminton. I want to learn something new so that I can change this routine that I am stuck in.

Playing poker

One of the things that I have always been fascinated with is playing poker. When I thought about wanting to learn something new, I immediately knew that it will involve poker somehow. This is why I have made a decision to learn how to play this game.

First of all, my friend just bought poker chips and cards and will be hosting a poker party in a week. I need to learn how to play so I can win. This is one of the most popular card games and I have no idea why I never really tried to learn this before.

I know there are a couple of online tutorials out there for me to learn from. I really need to get things started if I want to be prepared for the poker party next week. Otherwise, I might end up losing a lot of money.

I should probably start playing online poker too. I know it is not really the same but it will help me understand the rules – or at least the basic ones. There is several online casinos where you can play poker. You find some of them at

Other new things I want to try

Apart from playing poker, I am also thinking about trying something new in sports. I am thinking along the lines of skiing and snowboarding. I have tried this before but I was never really interested enough to consider it as a sport. Maybe this time I can learn it really well. While I have no plans of abandoning badminton as my primary sport, I think it is nice to have another sport that I am good at.

My friends and I are planning on going on a vacation – maybe I can suggest that we go somewhere we can go skiing or snowboarding. If you ask me, I prefer the latter. But that depends on what the group will decide on. We badly need a break and we have always wanted to explore a new country. Maybe somewhere in Asia. As long as we can go snowboarding, any place should be fine.

I will let you know what happens after I have succeeded in trying something new. It should be an interesting story for another article.