My Life In Sussex

My life in Sussex is actually quite great. I have lived here for most of my life and I don’t have plans to go anywhere. At least, until I finish my degree. My family and friends are all here and there is nowhere that I would like to be at the moment.

Of course, I do not want to put everything is stone as my mind can change over time. But for now, that is how I feel.

So what is my life like living in Sussex? There are three things that I do: study, work, and play badminton.

Studying and working in Sussex

Admittedly, the two things keeping me occupied lately are both studies and work. As I mentioned on my About Me page, I am currently in my third year studying Business and Management at the University of Sussex. I am a full-time student so a lot of my hours are spent in school.

Between going to classes and doing homeworks and projects, I can say that things are pretty hectic now. My classes are getting quite demanding and I have to join a lot of study groups right now. Well, not that I am complaining. This is for the future anyway.

And once you add my part-time work, well, I hardly have time for other things.

I just recently started working at my favourite cafe – just to have some extra money. I usually hang out here and I found out they are hiring. I grabbed the opportunity and I work a few hours a day. It gives me the experience and the money to pay for the things I want to buy – mostly badminton equipment. The best part is, I get to be with the usual crowd in the cafe. I work and hang out with them – the combination is perfect.

Playing badminton in Sussex

Although my life in Sussex is very hectic, I make sure I can play badminton a couple of times a week. Usually, I have time to play on weekends – at least when I am not visiting my folks. My friends and I gather at the Sussex County Badminton to play a couple of games. It is great exercise and a stress reliever too. School can be pretty stressful now and playing serves as my outlet.

My friends really want to join an upcoming tournament but I doubt if I can join. That would require me to practise a couple of times a week and I do not think I have enough time to commit to that. Maybe if I was not working. But then again, I already made a commitment. I am sure when things slow down in school, I will have more time with badminton. We will just have to see where things will go.

Anyway, that is my life in Sussex. What do you think? Boring? Exciting?