Family Moments: What Can Be Better?

Family moments are the best. I love them with everything I have. My parents are very supportive of all my plans and I couldn’t ask for better ones. As for my siblings, I have two younger ones – both girls. They can be quite annoying but I adore them. They look up to me so I have to always put my big brother pants on.

Life away from family

Since I started going to the university, I had less time to spend with all of them. I felt like an adult and moved out of the house to live with friends near the university. I love every minute of it – but I do miss home from time to time.

I like the experience of living on my own because I am forced to be more responsible for cleaning up my mess and taking care of myself. Of course, living with my best friends can be quite exciting too. We always have a blast with each other – although from time to time, we do get on each other’s nerves. But that is another lesson to be learned about life, right? You need to learn how to get along with other people.

Coming home for the weekend

When things get a little too hectic, like what I am going through lately, I find myself missing home more. These are the times when I crave family moments the most. This was why I opted to go home last weekend. I talk to my folks a lot but it is another thing to sleep in my old bedroom and to hear the noise of every single member of the family.

So what happened during the weekend? It was a Saturday when I went home and I decided to take my sisters out in the mall. I just got my paycheck from the cafe and I decided to buy them something special. We also ate pizza – we all love pizza. My mom wanted to cook my favourite for dinner so we headed home before that. I missed my mom’s cooking and I will always have an appetite for whatever she puts on the table.

On Sunday, we just spent it at home – playing some board games and watching sports on TV. My dad is a sports enthusiast and we always have some kind of game on TV. I probably got my appreciation for sports from him.

Our family moments are usually just quiet times spent at home, talking and catching up. We love to go on adventures but there is nothing like having the time to talk amongst each other. More than anything, these are what I really crave the most. I hope the next few weeks will not be too hectic so I can go home more often.